Edsall Hill Dairy Products

Our creamline milk is a collaboration with our family's dairy farm located just 8 miles north of Black Willow Pond Farm's location.

Edsall Hill is Carrie's family farm, a proud 6th generation dairy farm.  Each of our cow's have names, and we can trace back generations of these cow families  back to our beloved 4-H cows. Our dairy is predominately Holsteins, but a few Brown Swiss, Jerseys and even Guernseys also call the farm home. The cows can be found on pasture during the grazing season but during winter months they are fed a high forage diet of fermented forages such as baleage and corn silage along with dry hay. All our crops are grown on our farm and harvested by our family. 

What is Creamline Milk? Creamline milk is pasteurized but not homogenized, this allowing the rich cream to rise to the top. Get into the habit of "shakin' it!" 

Dairy farm hillsLuke showing Jacob showing his guernseCousins at the Fair